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Are Verbal Communication Skills Underselling Your Value?

Darrell Littleberry
· Dec 30, 2022

Verbally communicating is easy, right?  You just open your mouth, and the words come out.  However, being an effective verbal communicator is hard.  Have you ever confused others while trying to explain a novel concept, made a word salad when trying to express an idea, or worse, given input that went over like a lead balloon?  If you can identify with any of these situations, your verbal communication skills are likely underselling your organizational value. 

When we speak, many things interfere with getting the intended message across to others. Whether you are conveying a novel concept, a solution to a business problem, or promoting your candidacy for a promotion, to be successful, you must have top-notch verbal communication skills. 

The reality is most people struggle with understanding the basics of the communication process and the pitfalls of unartful expression, to name a couple of crucial considerations.  When you don’t know what you don’t know about effective verbal communication, you will constantly undersell your value and be overlooked for advancement.  It’s unfair but true; effective orators get more opportunities because hearing is believing.  This thought process undergirds interviews, speeches, advertisements, and more.  Strong verbal communication prowess is vital for career growth and leadership success.  

So, it is unwise to assume that people understand what you are thinking in your head. This is often not the case, and each missed opportunity to be an effective verbal communicator undercuts your ability to influence and promote your career growth.  But this doesn’t have to be your story, as this elusive skill can be taught so you can increase your value and prospects for advancement.

I created a course called How to be an Effective Verbal Communicator, available on  In the course, I teach practical knowledge to improve and fortify your ability to speak with clarity, confidence, and consideration for others. I explain, in simple terms, the communication process, share proven skills for effective verbal communication, and provide invaluable insight to take your abilities further.

Make sure your verbal communication is not underselling your actual value and holding you back.  I invite you to preview the course and enroll today to effectively learn how to say what you mean and mean what you say without being mean.😀

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