Part 1 - Vision & Values is designed to demonstrate how to develop a powerful vision and values to motivate people and direct the business. In this course, you will learn from real-life video case studies of highly successful organizations demonstrating how they have established their vision and values and made them relevant to their businesses. You will learn how the vision is translated to each individual staff member and how values are embedded in the culture and demonstrated with actions.
Once this is completed you will have practical strategies to develop a powerful vision and values to motivate others. You will have learned to present a powerful vision with clear goals, personalize your vision, and align people to the changing vision. You will have learned to develop meaningful values that are demonstrated with actions, and built into the culture.

Part 2 - Many external influences can impact the success of a business - natural disasters, financial crises, epidemics, and even terrorism. In this program Psychologist, Peter Quarry talks with Glenyce Johnson, former Managing Director of Peregrine Adventures, about her management strategies and business experiences during tough times. Topics include downsizing, planning, communication and understanding risks.

ADAPT to Change is designed to help learners confronted with challenging changes to use a positive attitude and strategy to adapt and thrive. You will learn a formula to ADAPT to help make difficulties easier to manage. In this video, psychologist Eve Ash showed that practicing skills of adaptation is a better way for managing reactions to change. You will learn to accept what you cannot control, and define the problem by examining the facts. This helps you to adjust to the situation so you can plan a pathway forward with the facts you’ve assembled. Then you can thrive in creative ways and help others to do so as well.

Change can be difficult or even scary. Try to see change as a positive opportunity for the team to move forward together. Talking about change can help the team to see things differently and to accept new ways of doing things. Be open to change.

Part 3 - Rock Star Leadership is a course covering the qualities that make great leaders: excellent track record with the ability to achieve results, a clear compelling vision, and the ability to engage and motivate their people. In this course, HR Consultant Peter Wallbridge explains how great leaders are able to engage their people and foster a culture of positivity.
Once this course is completed, will have learned how to become a rock star leader by achieving results and ensuring a track record, creating a compelling vision that engages and motivates people. You will learn to be a caring leader who is decisive and an ambassador, with effective strategies to connect and prioritize.

Peter Quarry interviews Ann Sherry (AO) and former CEO, Carnival Australia about the purpose and process of succession planning. Successful succession planning provides strength and stability to an organisation, aids staff retention and prepares for future growth and change. This program highlights some of the pitfalls with succession planning and discusses ways to implement a robust process that ensures the development and movement of staff in the right direction.

Part 4 - Working with the Board is a course demonstrating how a CEO and senior executive team can build a successful relationship with their board members. Maria Deveson-Crabbe explains to Eve Ash about governance and accountability, and how to build a successful relationship with mutual respect. She provides tips for ensuring effective meetings and presentations.
Once this course is completed, you will have learned how to build a successful relationship of mutual respect with your board, and ensure effective meetings. You will focus on governance, ensure accountability and present impressively.

What you will learn?
Develop a powerful vision and values to motivate others
Present a powerful vision with clear goals
Personalize your vision
Build values into the culture
Distinguish the caring leader, the decisive leader and the ambassador
Implement strategies for effectively connecting and prioritizing
Build a successful relationship with the board, maintaining mutual respect
Implement governance and accountability
Present impressively to boards
Learn from organisational leaders about rock star leadership and succession planning
Learn to manage change and adapt even when times are tough
Skills Covered
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1.5 hours
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One year

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Section 1. Vision and Values-Part1
videocam Video
11 m
Vision and Values

quiz Quiz
Vision and Values Review Questions
Section 2. Managing Change-Part1
videocam Video
12 m
Managing Change in Tough Times

videocam Video
2 m
ADAPT to Change

quiz Quiz
ADAPT to Change Review Questions
Section 3. Leadership and Succession Planning-Part1
videocam Video
10 m
Rock Star Leadership

quiz Quiz
Rock Star Leadership Review Questions
Section 4. Working with the Board-Part1
videocam Video
11 m
Working with the Board

quiz Quiz
Working with the Board Review Questions
Section 5. Managing Change-Part2
videocam Video
5 m
Accepting Change

quiz Quiz
Accepting Change Review Questions
Section 6. Leadership and Succession Planning-Part2
videocam Video
13 m
Succession Planning
Learn from the best

Eve Ash is a psychologist, film producer and international speaker. She is an expert in human behavior – leadership, communication, service, motivation, performance and justice. Eve founded Seven Dimensions, producing over 1000 comedy, drama and interview style videos, TV shows, feature documentaries and e-learning courses including the hilarious LA-business-based Cutting Edge ...

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Visionary Leadership for Managing Change
Develop vision and values and the leadership skills to successfully manage change, work with a Board and deliver results.
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