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1 min read
Leading with Impact to Change Your World: The Happiness Factor
Leading with impact can also lead to an increase in happiness in leadership. When leaders are able to make a positive impact in their organizations and communities, they often feel a sense of fulfillment and purpose. By aligning personal purpose with organizational purpose, creating a vision, building high-performance teams, and leading change effectively, leaders can create ...
Alexia GeorghiouMar 1, 2023

7 min read
Don't Hire Liars. Here's How.
It is in your business’s financial interests to hire only honest people. Here’s why honesty is a crucial quality of every member of your team and how to avoid hiring liars. What is honesty? Above all, honesty is a feeling, a disposition and an orientation toward the truth. Honest employees cannot tolerate lying, fudging data, misrepresenting themselves or their companies, ...
Bruce WeinsteinFeb 22, 2023

Which Section Of This Blog Post Was Written By An AI Chatbot?
Artificial intelligence can enrich our lives or present trouble. Consider, for example, how AI can deepen our understanding of ethics, the study of conduct and character. I asked a popular new AI chatbot, ChatGPT , “In 200 words or less, what are three things that get in the way of doing the right thing?” I also answered the question myself. Here are the results. See if you ...
Bruce WeinsteinFeb 10, 2023

6 min read
Prince Harry & The Duty To Respect Privacy
Prince Harry’s new book Spare and the wave of publicity attendant to it raises an ethical question that applies to non-royals, too: Why do we have a duty to keep private things private? Let’s take a look. Respect: A crucial principle of ethical intelligence Aretha sang about it. St. Vincent and Dua Lipa celebrated it at the GRAMMY Awards . Parents tell their ...
Bruce WeinsteinFeb 9, 2023

6 min read
LEAD LIKE SPRINGSTEEN: 5 Rules The Boss Lives By
The Boss is back! You don’t have to be lucky or rich enough to have a ticket to see his current tour to be the kind of leader Bruce is. When I saw Springsteen on Broadway , I saw him do five things consistently that have a lot to do with the show’s, and Bruce’s, unmatched success. If you follow Bruce’s lead, you will be a rock star in your own right. 1. Look At People ...
Bruce WeinsteinFeb 7, 2023

1 min read
Are People Judging Me Based on My Emails?
It's true! People judge you based on your emails.  We use these electronic extensions we send several times daily to convey your courtesy, thoughtfulness, professionalism, and more to others.  So, yes, how you write emails really does matter.   Writing emails is a daily task.  And we send thousands of them, along with an equal amount of impressions. ...
Darrell LittleberryJan 3, 2023


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