Are People Judging Me Based on My Emails?

Darrell Littleberry ·Jan 3, 2023

It's true!  People judge you based on your emails.  We use these electronic extensions we send several times daily to convey your courtesy, thoughtfulness, professionalism, and more to others.  So, yes, how you write emails really does matter.  

Writing emails is a daily task.  And we send thousands of them, along with an equal amount of impressions.  They can say you are professional, thoughtful, and helpful if well-written.  However, when poorly written, they can send a silent but loud message that you are not professional in your approach, thoughtful in your delivery, or helpful in your written content.  

However, this doesn't have to be what you extend into the business ethos.  In my multiple 5-star rated course, I will teach you the framework to write solid business emails, provide valuable insight to structure email content, and share ways to round out email communication effectively.  

I invite you to preview my highly rated course, How to Effectively Write Business Emails, available on Learnformula.  The course provides essential and comprehensive knowledge to fast-track your ability to be more effective with writing business email communications.  

Enroll today to increase your organizational value, elevate your professional profile, and sharpen your competitive advantage!


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